Thursday, May 3, 2012


      I will talk about my experience as a student of math.

      For me, my problem in math is who teaches me the math? That is because, if the teacher is good in math he teaches us very well, but their are a lot of teachers who taught me math. I didn't understand anything from them. On the other hand, the best teacher who taught me math was in college. He gave us just one exercise, then he wrote another exercise and we tried to answer and I never forget that teacher; because of him I like math a little more.

      In conclusion, the math depends on who teaches me the math. 

Short story

      I will talk about story between Amelia and Maya in the beach. Amelia lived in California and Maya lived in Iowa and they were cousins. Maya visited Amelia in California to see the beach. The next day Amelia woke up and went to knock on the door. She said, "wake up Maya, this is the best time to go the beach". Maya woke up and put on her clothes, but she felt too cold to swim. What do we have to do?

      They said, we have gone to walk on the beach. Next, they went to walk on the beach and watch the sand and the sea. When they walked Maya watched something red, green, and blue; she asked Amelia, "What is this?"Amelia said, "I don't know. let's go to see it". They took one Amelia said "it's sea glass. Maya loved the sea glass and she said"Amelia, let's walk on the beach and before we go back to the house I will take money from the sea glass.

      Next, they went on a walk and Maya saw something in the sea weed and Maya said,"Amelia I need to catch this? "Amelia answered I tired it" Maya tried to catch him and she caught him. It was a star fish. Amelia asked, "Is it stronger"? Maya answered, "It is rough". After that, Maya put him back in the seaweed.

       Before the Maya and Amelia went back to the house, they took a lot of the sea glass with  them. Amelia's mother showed them how to made bracelets? They made more than two and put them on their hands.

   Before they went to sleep, Amelia asked Maya, "What you do on the beach? Maya answered, "I love the beach."Amelia said, " you haven't seen all the beach; tomorrow are will see another side of the beach".   

Friday, April 20, 2012


           One day, Joha lost his ring in his house, so looked inside his house, but didn't find it. Then he went out of the house and searched by? the door and his neighbor saw him and asked him, "What are you looking for? Joha said: "I lost my ring in my house", and the neighbor said,"Why not search in your house"? Joha answered,"the house dark may be the ring had left house.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


          I will talk about WalMart, because it is a big corporation company and as successful. I like WalMart, because you find everything in one place and you find WalMart everywhere in the U.S. Also, it's very cheap. And the most important for success in this corporation is there have good management.

          I love WalMart, because they are in every state and are very cheap; I find everything I need in one place.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Family buiness

           Family business is am interesting Idea. First, in this business you work with the family and every day see them and talk with them and you know everything a bout your family. Second, the family is one big united group together. No one can destroy the family. Third, the most important thing in a family business is honesty. Everything is a good idea or bad idea, or you might not like anything.

           In  conclusion, the family business is good and gives you unity with all the family, and that is most important for me.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oscar Pistorius

          In my opinion, I think Oscar Pistorius shouldn't compete in the Olympics, because he had new equipment, and the other players don't have like him. There are the legs which give him more steps and make him taller than his natural height. Also, they give him power and advantage, and his heard pump less. And the other players don't have nothing extra. Just have their bodies and shoes.

           In conclusion, all the players should have the same equipment and that is fair.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Favorite sports

         These are the three best sports in my life. First, I love soccer, because it gives me a lot of energy and makes me feel very good. Second, I like swimming, because it makes my body healthy, and gives me more muscles.Third, I like golf, because it makes me relax in my mind, and makes me feel focus. Just play golf, and the most important thing for me is of relax, and that's why I like golf.

            In conclusion, all the sports a above are very good for me, and for my body.